Network Installation Manager (NIM)

Network Installation Manager (NIM) is a IBM remote installation and management  technology similar to Linux’s Kickstart, PXE and Solaris jumpstart.

Following are the activities performed by NIM

1) New Installation (Pull method).                                                                                                   2) TL/SP upgradation.                                                                                                                     3) OS Migration/Upgradation | alt_disk_install –> cachefs method — nimadm                      4) mksysb backup/restore                                                                                                              5) Provide boot CD image for maintenance activities                                                                  6) Centralized repository for Filesets.                                                                                               7) Used to restore missed files in the mksysb backup

Apart from Installation, following are the management activities performed by NIM

1) backup                                                                                                                                            2) restore  of mksysb backupComponents of NIM.


1) Master (NIM Master) Which will manage NIM clients for all NIM operations

2) Client (NIM Client) Systems which are managed by NIM servers for all installation, backup and restoration.

3) Resources

a) lpp_source (source of installation)                                                                                                         –> image cd/dvd                                                                                                                                –> filesets/packages                                                                                                                    –> TL/ML update This type of resource it can be used for all NIM clients.

b) SPOT (Shared Processor Object Tree)

  • like a boot cd — we can boot the nimclient using SPOT It contains the “/usr” part i.e., kernel, filesets, device drivers and BOS install programs).   There are 2 types of SPOT i) lppspot ii) mksysb spot

c) mksysb specific to particular NIM client i) restoration purpose ii) customized (hardening) install of other server d) bosinst_data Customized Installation procedure ( (non-interactive) c) image_data (rootvg architecture) — LV,VG,PP infor and arch.

4) Resource Server Server where resources are available . client can also act as RS NIM server also acts as RS.

5) NIM network Logical network which covering or connecting nim server and nim clients.

6) NIMSH (NIM service handler) For environments where the standard “rsh” protocol are not enough secure, at the time “nimsh” Using the port nos 3901 and 3902.


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