Netbackup Important Error Codes & its Solutions

The following are the Veritas Netbackup important error codes and its solutions.

1. Status code 2
Reason: None of the file backed up
Action taken: no files in target path

2. Status code 13
Reason: File read failed
Action taken: network connectivity

3. Status code 25
Reason: Cannot connect to socket
Action taken: bpcd daemon want to check .

4. Status code 50
Reason: Client process aborted
Action taken: restart the backup manually wants to check any errors

5. Status Code – 59
Reason: Access to the client was not allowed
Action Taken: want to check the bp.conf / master-client access connectivity

6. Status code 71
Reason: Backup taking path changed
Action taken: path should be correct

7. Status Code – 84
Reason: Reduce the backup failure due to I/O error.
Action Taken: Clean the media mounts and to change the tape
default parameters to reduce backup failures due to I/O.

8. Status code – 96
Reason: Backup failure due to unavailable at scratch pool
Action taken: Volume pool has been allocated to scratch pool

9. Status code – 129
Reason: Disk storage unit is full
Action taken: remove old images

10. Status code – 196
Reason: Client backup was not attempted becoz backup window
close/elapsed time.
Action taken: manually restart the backup, if exceeds changes
the timing frequency and backup window frequency.

11. Status code – 2001
Reason: Tape library down error/Robotic path changed
Action taken: Manually bring up the robot.

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